Installing IPSA


In order to use IPSA you will have to obtain the following packages:

  1. Coin3D 2.4.6 or later
  2. SoQt 1.4.1
  3. Qt4 toolkit
  4. ODE 0.9 or 0.11

You may try other versions but IPSA was tested with the mentioned ones only.

Install Coin3d, SoQt, Qt, and ODE as described in the respective documentation.

Getting IPSA

IPSA and the according documentation can be downloaded from A list of available releases can be found here.

To install IPSA the source archive and uncompress it into a directory of your choice. Then follow the instructions in the INSTALL file found in the IPSA toplevel directory.

It is also possible to use current SVN trunk instead of using a fixed release.

svn co IPSA

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